Prior to Patient Registration:
To register for a COVID-19 vaccine, please fill out the screening form prior to scheduling an appointment. The questionnaire is meant to determine if you are a candidate at this time to receive COVID-19 vaccination.

Please take some time to review the Emergency Utilization Authorization (EUA) and Fact sheets for the select vaccine. The content will elaborate on expected side effects and commonly asked questions.

Appointment day
On the day of the appointment, call to let us know you have arrived. Remain in your car and we will come out to you. Have your face mask on, screening form (optional) and insurance card (if applicable) available for processing. 

Post Vaccination 
Review the EUA Fact Sheet for post vaccination side effects. Register for V-safe to report any vaccine side effects. Notify your provider or head to the nearest hospital if side effects includes hives or trouble breathing.


Inspire Rx Pharmacy is always here to help. Call us anytime for questions. It is good to know you always have a health advocate on your side.

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